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Lurnea IEC provides quality English programs for both junior and senior high school students. The programs cater for the needs of each individual student. Programs range from those designed for students with little to no English through to students nearing entry into HSC English. Each English program incorporates the following aspects:

  1. Understanding and construction of text types;
  2. Grammar;
  3. Speaking and listening skills;
  4. Reading strategies and
  5. Visual literacy.

Students are guided and supported by fully qualified and experienced staff focused on preparing students for the next stage of their educational journey.

In addition, Lurnea IEC offers specialised English classes for students seeking opportunities outside of the mainstream school setting. Lurnea IEC offers such students' participation in the nationally recognised Certificate of Spoken and Written English (CSWE) levels 1 to 3. Each program is delivered by nationally accredited CSWE trained teachers.


Lurnea IEC prides itself on the provision of an extensive ESL based science program catering for the needs of junior and senior high school aged students. Each program incorporates the key elements of the NSW curriculum including biology, physics and chemistry. Lurnea IEC caters for the needs of students intending to undertake HSC level science education through the provision of specifically designed ESL based science programs. These programs expose such students to the standard of work that they will be expected to undertake in senior high school. 

The junior science program offers a range of interactive educational experiences for junior aged students. Each program is dedicated to the improvement of english proficiency based on a variety of scientific themes.


Mathematics forms a vital part of Lurnea IEC's educational experience. Lurnea caters for all levels of learners ranging from those requiring support and assistance with the literacy component of mathematics, through to those students requiring advanced mathematical programs.

Computing studies

Information Communication Technology is an integral facet of a student's educational experience at Lurnea IEC. Through Lurnea's connected classroom technology students undertake a wide range of ICT experiences. Students are exposed to the latest technological developments. Lurnea also provides senior students with their own laptop for use both at home and at school. Students are required to complete a variety of assigned technological tasks including website design and development. Lurnea IEC's ICT program prepares students for a successful transition to further education or employment.


Students enrolled at Lurnea IEC participate in a fully integrated PDHPE program. The program is designed to provide each student with a variety of physical experiences in areas such as athletics, swimming, dance, gymnastics, ball games and cross-country.

Lurnea IEC's PDHPE program is based on the philosophy of participation and the provision of lifelong skills. In additional to its physical benefits, the PDHPE program, provides an important social and developmental opportunity for students to work collaboratively in a non-threatening setting outside of the normal classroom environment.


Students undertake an extensive HSIE program incorporating all aspects of the HSIE curriculum. Students study specifically designed ESL programs in the areas of Australian and European history, geography, Australian government and citizenship and commerce.

 Performing Arts

It is vital for students to take part in performing arts opportunities as this enables them to excel on several platforms.  Music, drama and dance allows students to achieve better academically, enhances classroom participation, raise their self-esteem, communication and engage in deep dialogue between peers, and most importantly value critical feedback (both positive and negative) on their work. At Lurnea IEC, students are introduced and encouraged to take part in music, drama and dance activities held in and out of school.

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