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In-School Programs

Refugee Week

Refugee Week is a national initiative celebrating the contribution made to Australian society by refugees. Students at Lurnea IEC are encouraged to celebrate their cultural heritage through displays of dance, national costume and food.


Harmony Day Celebrations

Harmony day is celebrated on March 21st to convey the message that ‘everyone belongs'. At Lurnea HS and at our IEC we extend our celebrations for a week. In this week, we have the opportunity of tasting the different dishes and  celebrating the diversity.


Cooling Conflicts: Drama for Harmony Day

This was a  Cultural Exchange project between Lurnea IEC and HS and Bringelly Primary - with IEC refugee students leading forum theatre session around themes of bullying and racism. This program continues now in Lurnea High School leading up to each Harmony Day - with mainstream students at Lurnea High School learning how to alleviate bullying and racism.

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Cooling Conflicts Program


Refugee Transition Program

Lurnea IEC in combination with Lurnea High School has formulated a refugee transition program. The program offers educational and social support for refugee students transitioning from the IEC into the high school.  Highly accredited ESL staff offer the necessary support to refugee students from the IEC to successfully transition into high school. The program offers a range of both, in school and out of school experiences, designed to assist each student attain their educational goals.


Lurnea Homework Centre

Students attending Lurnea IEC have the opportunity to utilise the Lurnea High School homework centre. The centre is open on two afternoons each week. Teachers from both the IEC and the high school staff the centre. The centre provides tuition for those students attending Lurnea IEC at no cost to the student.